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Lisa Loucks Christenson Press is a division of Loucks Studios, Inc.™ 

We've combined our existing client services:  text/article packages, stock and assignment photography, illustrations, books, book series, audio books, films, book trailers and more that we've offered for decades to our worldwide clients and combined them to create our book packaging services.

NOTE: We don't offer our services to individual authors or writers looking for someone to ghost write your next book. We work with: labels, publishers, agents, celebrities, entertainers, non-profits, businesses, and movie studios. 

Who Are our Clients?
For confidentiality reasons we won't disclose what books or services we've created for others. We can share the books, series, photos on our site are books written by Lisa Loucks Christenson, created for her own publishing imprints: Bow Wow Detectives®, Meow Meow Detectives™, Snowy River Press™; series: Faith Like a Song, Robinwood Ridge™, Wolves of Whitewater Falls™, and more.

Any book listed under our imprints created by Lisa Loucks Christenson, owned entirely by her, and are available for licensing to book clubs, other rights deals, foreign rights.

Contact Lisa by calling: (866) 562-5125. 

What We Create:

We don't just create books, serials, stories to license. We will help you establish a line, a brand, a long running series with serials, episodes, novellas (whatever length you require), we custom shoot any images and illustrations needed.

We offer Rights-Managed and exclusive licensing for book covers so your competitors can't (legally) use similar images, or outtakes of our photos and illustrations. We offer Product Placement services (placing your licensed and contracted books of ours) into our network, into our other books, on our materials, and more. Lisa has provided images for 30+ years to publishers worldwide, she knows how to shoot models, scenes, products, animals, food, children, lifestyles. 

What We Offer:

Completed ready for market books, in various genres, non-fiction or fiction, researched, edited, fact-checked, illustrated and/or photographed, designed for use under a grant of use for a completed book to resell, private label for a set period of time, under a grant of use, in various formats, languages, various rights (print and ebook are the most popular), merchandising, and more. 

We offer Product Placement of the completed book sales pages, ads, in our network, other books, series, and promotions. 


• Serials to be released over a period of time

• Ongoing series

• Complete books 18-125K+, episodes, novellas

• Stock Story™ We add your "character names, establishment name, alternate scenes" to a stock book (stories we created to be used for others to drop their names in for gifts, even resell to their customers using their customers personalizations!

• We specialize in writing series, long running series, sagas

• Use the Lisa Loucks Christenson trade name on the titles (we own the copyrights to all work created, or a pseudonym. 

• Create a book club, or add a book from our catalog to your club

• Product Placement into our network, other books, marketing, catalogs

• Fundraisers, exhibits, book fairs, and on-site presentations

Contact us today with your project requests: (866) 562-5125 toll free 



*Lisa Loucks Christenson Press is a book packager that licenses Lisa's works to publishers. We are don't work with individual authors. We don't review or want your submissions. We don't publish other authors books or sell our services to individual authors. We only work with publishers seeking an opportunity to license our books. 


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