Glass Slipper Serials

Glass Slipper Serials

Glass Slipper Serials™️

Beginning in 2018, we will begin offering serial fiction to our readers, offering another reading experience. Bundled per season, installments will be auto-delivered to your email OR you may click the link and download from us.

 Serials: Offer short reads, 30-45 minutes each, and end with cliffhangers that continue with each story. 

Children, teens, and adults

Glass Slipper Serials™️ is an imprint of Lisa Loucks Christenson

Depot House Blues by Lisa Loucks Christenson  | Girl & Her Songs

Welcome to Gopher Count by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Valentine, Minnesota by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Chicago Nice by L. L. Christenson

Rise of the Moon by L. L  Christenson

Eternal Things by L. L. Christenson

Birchlond by L. L. Christenson

Dynasti Chorsellin by L. L. Christenson

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